Kansas City Trust Supporting the Community
No one has ever become poor by giving

The Cohen Charitable Trust awards grants for charitable projects in Wyandotte and / or Johnson Country, Kansas, and Jewish, American, Regional and / or Local History. Grant distribution began in 2008.

University of Missouri/Kansas City Law School

The Julian Klein Davidson Scholarship  – Each year from a one million dollar endowment a student is chosen by the law faculty.  As long as grades are at least a B, the scholarship is renewed annually

Project Eagle

This is a preschool operated by the University of Kansas and is a member of the Buffet Educare Network  I serves about 140 children from 6 months to 4 years from KCK families economically disadvantaged.  This preschool deals in opportunity!  Grant was $1,025,000.

Cohen Charitable Trust

The Cohen Charitable Trust awards grants to charitable foundations of governmental agencies, educational institutions and I.R.S.-designated, Not-for-Profit, tax-exempt organizations for the betterment of our community. Grants are not made directly to individuals.